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People often ask me what I like to read as an author, so here it is my very own space to share the books I love with you. Enjoy.


Exciting dystopian trilogy

Blinded by the light - Joe Kipling

I loved this book. I found myself shouting at the main character for not seeing certain things, which to me is key. Unless I'm completely involved I find it hard to really like a book. I'm extremely glad this is a trilogy and I can't wait for the next instalment in October. The author has left a multitude of possibilities for the direction of the story. I found myself warming to some of the smaller characters, such as the Directors daughter. I found myself wondering how she would turn out in the end and if we would be hearing a little more about her past.
Overall a fantastic read, I would recommend this to anyone of any age, although it is YA I think Joe Kipling has managed to hit the cross over target bang on.


A promising series

A Shade of Vampire - Bella Forrest

An unusual take on vampires, it works well. The main character is likeable. My only criticism of this book is that it felt like it was building up to something and didn't. I know that it is part of a series and perhaps this was more scene setting, introductory book.

Drake and his siblings are intriguing. I found the book a little short, but that is just my personal preference and not necessarily a bad thing. I think that the introduction of the best friend was clever and well thought out added a new dimension to it. All in all a good read and I will definitely be buying the series.


Talon - Julie Kagawa

At first the whole dragons living as humans seemed a little far-fetched but Julie Kagawa seems to be able to pull anything off, from vampires to fey to dragons and she does is so well.
Ember is a fabulous character, who I immediately identified with. I think young readers will recognise themselves in her rebellious ways and I think older readers like myself identify nostalgically.
The battle she has within herself, draws parallels with that of Talon and St George and of course where would a YA novel be without a good old love triangle.
Bravo, can't wait for Rogue to hit the shelves.

A new take on the supernatural

Die for Me - Amy Plum

The creatures in these books are not ones I am familiar with and that can be a risky thing for an author, as it can be easier to stick to those monster we love more, vampires, witches, werewolves etc. Moving away from the familiar can sometimes be disastrous, but this is a fantastic triumph.
I found it extremely easy to identify with the main character Katie, as I am sure most people will be able to. She's fragile, yet plucky and the poor girl just can't catch a beak, something I think we've all felt a one time or another.
I'm not much of a romance fan, I like a good story line, if romance is part of it then fair enough, but romance and sloppy stuff is not really my thing. I was dubious about this as Vincent seems to fall so quickly, but without giving too much away. I think once we discover his past it seems plausible.

Being set in Paris there is some beautiful imagery weaved by Amy Plum, I have never been to Paris, but felt like I was there and I would not be surprised if many people did not make the trip after reading this book.
All in all a good read and highly recommended.

Not what I expected

Airel - Aaron Patterson, Chris  White

The blurb for this intrigued me, yet I found myself disappointed at the end of this book. The book has two authors and their differing styles are apparent. The main female character was not very relatable, after making discoveries about her super healing etc. She went to a mall to shop. Not really the reaction I'd expect from someone making such life changing discoveries.
I also myself a little lost when about halfway through it changed to another story. I read the whole thing but it felt disjointed.
This of course is just my view. The writing is solid and descriptive but this wasn't for me, which is a pity as this is a genre I like usually


Meanmna - Emmy Gatrell

I have fallen in love with this world. I wish I could have read it faster, not because I wanted it to end, but because I was so caught up in it.
Sarette is not the type of female character which would usually appeal to me. She is affectionate, loving and sincere and sometimes that can come across as cheesy or forced but Emmy Gatrell made me believe in her goodness.
The magic in this book,really does transport you literally to another world, I did not want to leave. Sarette and Elwins love story, though this seemed more of a side story to me, keeps the reader engaged, wondering what will happen to the young lovers. Whilst the main storyline of Sarette and her new world infuses wonder and excitement.
I have already downloaded book two and will definitely be buying the paperback copies of both. Emmy Gatrell is definitely an author to watch.

A wonderful step back in time

The Vintage Coat - Chris   Turnbull
I'm not usually one for a romantic, nostalgic book but give me some time-travel and I'm in. This book is a little gem, filled with surprises. It has a refreshing almost innocent quality about it.
While we are being barraged with erotica and risqué novels, which shock for the sake of shocking. The Vintage Coat gives us romance, adventure, family ties, friendship and sacrifice.
The concept of a time-travelling coat is unique and is a testament to the authors originality and imagination. The book is extremely well researched and written. The plot is engaging and entertaining. It reminded me of watching old black and white movies on a Saturday as a child with my parents, somehow comforting, familiar and yet at the same time new and exciting.
I won't delve into the plot and give anything away, have a read and see for yourself.

Get ready for the ultimate Anti-hero

Kill All Men - Phil Hipside

If I’m completely honest, the reviews of this book made me wonder if I would read this book and end up setting it alight in protest.
I originally thought perhaps the warnings of just how offensive this book, was an attempt to drum up interest in this novel. I was wrong. The anti-hero of this story Carl, is the single-most chauvinistic, prejudiced and offensive character I have ever read. I have never read a character I disliked so much in my life. His offense of anyone and everyone might put many people off this book, however I hope that anyone considering reading this book would give it a try.
The writing is clever and intelligent and once you see Carl for who and what he is, I think most people will see parts of themselves or others in him. Perhaps not in the bigoted part of him, but in in his everyday struggle against a bureaucratic system, which seems hell-bent on keeping him in his place and sometimes even lower than that.
I must admit that when he was in physical pain, it made me smile a little after all his chauvinist rantings the feminist in me was celebrating his misfortunes.
This is not a genre I typically read however I am glad that I dipped my toe in. Phil Hipsides witty commentary of the unfortunate Carl Waxman’s life is highly original, entertaining and is definitely one I would recommend to my fellow bookworms.

I'm officially in love with this series

Wings of Darkness, Book 1 of The Immortal Sorrows series - Sherri A. Wingler

This book had me hooked from the beginning and refused to let me sleep. I have been up two nights reading this and loving every single moment. Wings of Darkness is everything I look for in a book. Witty, endearing, clever and addictive. If at the end of a book I am disappointed I live in the real world, then that book has done its job. This was most definitely the case with this book.
It is very rare that I read a book in which I love the protagonist. Izzy is the exception. I loved this character from the get-go. Isabel is a spit-fire, it’s sometimes hard to create a strong female character without her coming across bitter, but I found myself loving Izzy. I was right there with her feeling her pain, anxiety and more often than not anger.
Asher is a perfect leading man. His contrasting tough and tender sides make him likeable and I found myself rooting for him every step of the way. Lesser character, such as Gwen and Grim are also well written. Sherri Wingler has a fantastic flair for creating detailed and relatable characters.
The plot is brilliant and kept me guessing throughout. The twists and turns that Sherri Wingler weaves through a normal teenage life is exciting and makes every page an adventure. The connection between Asher and Izzy knocks Bella and Edward out of the park, sorry all you Twilighters. I found myself slowing down towards the end, as I simply didn’t want it to end.
I don’t know what I expected when I began reading this. I had not expected to find one of my all-time favourite books. I can’t wait for the next instalment and would not be surprised if between now and then the world becomes flooded with Sherri Wingler fans.

Just keeps getting better

Wings of Shadow - Sherri A. Wingler

I was lucky to be sent an ARC the second book in The Immortal Sorrow’s series by Sherri A Wingler. I discovered this book series last year, to say I enjoyed the first in the series, would be an understatement. I have a habit of reading and re-reading books that inspire me and the first book Wings of Darkness, was read three times before I got my hands on the second in the series. I was both itching with anticipation and terrified that the second book, Wings of Shadow might not be as good as book one. My fears were unfounded.
Sherri Wingler takes a chance in Wings of Shadow, by creating a whole world purely from her own imaginings. This does not always work, in some novels, it can become so surreal that it is hard to identify with. This was not the case with Wings of Shadow. I found myself completely transported to that world and though it felt alien to me, the author kept just enough of the real world within, to keep it believable. This reminded me of J K Rowling’s muggle world, blended perfectly with the magical world.
Sherri Wingler’s take on Reapers, is something I have not experienced in other books in this genre. I find her take refreshing, original and exciting. The detail in the storyline and weaving of the storyline, reminds me of great fantasy authors such as Patrick Rothfuss, and Brandon Sanderson.
Izzy is quickly becoming one of my favourite all time female characters. She is strong, independent and blimey she’s powerful! Her sense of humour and banter with newer characters such as Wrath, reminded me just how fiery she is and why I like her so much.
The storyline is interesting and fast paced. I enjoyed meeting new characters and new nasty’s, such as the guards and Mitzie. I particularly enjoyed the twists and surprises (no spoilers) along the way that kept me guessing and saying, just one more chapter. Wrath is a new favourite, I can’t say too much, as I think Wrath is something to be experienced, but his character was one I loved, loved, loved.
This is superbly written, this author has that special power to hold me trapped within the pages and I really did not want to leave. I found myself slowing down so it would not end. I will be waiting with baited breath for book three and look forward to see what will become of Grimm, Gwen, Asher and Izzy.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you’re looking for a series to dive into to escape the world. This is it!

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