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People often ask me what I like to read as an author, so here it is my very own space to share the books I love with you. Enjoy.

Who can say no to promise of dragons?

Souls of the Never: A Young Adult and Teens, Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Time Travel series, with Dragons, Elves and Faeries. (Tales of the Neverwar Series Book 1) - Colin Rutherford, CJ Rutherford

Souls of the Never is right up alley when it comes to books.

I am first and foremost a complete sci-fi/fantasy nerd, but there is nothing worse than reading a blurb, thinking that sounds fantastic and them the author being unable to deliver.

Happily this was not the case with this book.


I fell in love with the sarcastic and bolshy best friend immediately, as I am sure many others have. There was just the right amount of humour and tragedy to make you want to be best friends with the character and be desperate to  save them all and keep them safe.


I'm not much for romance at all, but given everything else, which kept the story fast-paced and exciting, it wasn't really an issue.


I can see this being a winning series of books and cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who likes everything fantasy

Everyone needs a Nathan

From the Shadows - Line F. Nielsen


This is not my genre. I’m not a romance girl, at all, ask anyone I know. However after seeing some snippets of the author’s works and reading the blurb I was intrigued.

This is not a typical romance, it is not all flowers and chocolates and it’s very real. You can certainly feel the raw emotions from the protagonist. Her insecurities and worries of being good enough, wondering if she is doing the right thing and wondering if she actually deserves to find happiness.

 I think this is something most women and men can relate to, if we’re honest.

The big take away from this book for me, was that the protagonist was strong enough to save herself, to realise she deserved happiness and went for it.  I’m all for being swept away, but I love a good string, female character and Line F Nielsen hit the nail on the head.

I will be very interested in reading this authors work in the future. When’s book 2?


Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Reblogged from Author C. M. Skiera's Blog:
Half a King - Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie just keeps getting better. While this tale differs in that the story is told through the point of view of a single protagonist, the witty dialogue, steamrolling conflict, plot twists, colorful characters, and surprises abound in the marvelous page turner.

Book Fetish

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A Shade of Blood - Bella Forrest

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A Shade of Blood - Bella Forrest

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A Shade of Blood - Bella Forrest

Am I the only one who...

Reads more than one book at a time? I usually buy 5 or 6 books at the same time and can't decide, so start in on at least 2.

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Sons of the Wolf - Paula Lofting

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The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury

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