Get ready for the ultimate Anti-hero

Kill All Men - Phil Hipside

If I’m completely honest, the reviews of this book made me wonder if I would read this book and end up setting it alight in protest.
I originally thought perhaps the warnings of just how offensive this book, was an attempt to drum up interest in this novel. I was wrong. The anti-hero of this story Carl, is the single-most chauvinistic, prejudiced and offensive character I have ever read. I have never read a character I disliked so much in my life. His offense of anyone and everyone might put many people off this book, however I hope that anyone considering reading this book would give it a try.
The writing is clever and intelligent and once you see Carl for who and what he is, I think most people will see parts of themselves or others in him. Perhaps not in the bigoted part of him, but in in his everyday struggle against a bureaucratic system, which seems hell-bent on keeping him in his place and sometimes even lower than that.
I must admit that when he was in physical pain, it made me smile a little after all his chauvinist rantings the feminist in me was celebrating his misfortunes.
This is not a genre I typically read however I am glad that I dipped my toe in. Phil Hipsides witty commentary of the unfortunate Carl Waxman’s life is highly original, entertaining and is definitely one I would recommend to my fellow bookworms.