Meanmna - Emmy Gatrell

I have fallen in love with this world. I wish I could have read it faster, not because I wanted it to end, but because I was so caught up in it.
Sarette is not the type of female character which would usually appeal to me. She is affectionate, loving and sincere and sometimes that can come across as cheesy or forced but Emmy Gatrell made me believe in her goodness.
The magic in this book,really does transport you literally to another world, I did not want to leave. Sarette and Elwins love story, though this seemed more of a side story to me, keeps the reader engaged, wondering what will happen to the young lovers. Whilst the main storyline of Sarette and her new world infuses wonder and excitement.
I have already downloaded book two and will definitely be buying the paperback copies of both. Emmy Gatrell is definitely an author to watch.